Content is the trust builder in your funnel. No one is attracted and connected to your platform without it.

Yet….I hear from authors, coaches, and speakers every day that they don’t have time or don’t know how and what to produce.

Building an audience is essential to owning a business, writing a book, and selling programs, products, and services. Just having an audience is not enough…if you want your audience to open their wallet, you NEED to build TRUST.

This unique 4 week course will help you:

  • Build a library of keywords and hashtags
  • Learn to create content with grace and ease
  • Understand content delivery
  • Feel confident handing your content calendar to an assistant to free up your time to work in your zone of genius
This course is a one month intensive which includes 4 group meetings and four one-on one meetings to develop your content strategy.
If you feel ready to complete the course on your own there's also a
"Do It Yourself" version!
Alida Morillo
Balance Your Life, Energy Coach, Founder

“What an exciting time it was to work with Juliet. I am writing a book and find this part of the journey is easy for me. But trying to get myself out there is terrifying. Juliet made this part of my journey easy and fun.”

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